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No Job Title Company Location Deadline
01Admin $180-$250 (Female)New2WORLD TRAVEL (CAMBODIA)Phnom Penh2017-07-31
02HR/ Recruitment OfficerNewEBM Co.,Ltd.Phnom Penh2017-07-31
03Data Entry $200-$300 (Fem...NewEBM Co.,Ltd.Phnom Penh2017-07-31
04ជាងមេកានិច និង​ ប្រព័ន្ធតNewKSLM Investment Co., Ltd.Phnom Penh2017-08-31
05Sale RepresentativeNewKSLM Investment Co., Ltd.Phnom Penh2017-08-31
06HRNewHR Consultant ServicePhnom Penh2017-07-23
07MarketingNewHR Consultant ServicePhnom Penh2017-07-23
08SaleNewHR Consultant ServicePhnom Penh2017-07-23
09Stock ControllerNewHR Consultant ServicePhnom Penh2017-07-23
10CashierNewHR Consultant ServicePhnom Penh2017-07-23
11Sales Representative$250-...NewEBM Co.,Ltd.Phnom Penh2017-07-31
12អ្នកកាន់ស្តុក (Stock KeepNewក្រុមហ៊ុន លី ប្រាឌឺ លីមីធPhnom Penh2017-07-15
13 អ្នកកាន់ស្តុក (Stock KeeNewក្រុមហ៊ុន លី ប្រាឌឺ លីមីធPhnom Penh2017-07-15
14 អ្នកកាន់ស្តុក (Stock KeeNewក្រុមហ៊ុន លី ប្រាឌឺ លីមីធPhnom Penh2017-07-15
15Sales Assistant ($180-$25...NewEBM Co.,Ltd.Phnom Penh2017-07-21
16Ass CEONewHR Consultant ServiceOther2017-07-20
17TellerNewHR Consultant ServicePhnom Penh2017-08-20
18Ass AdminNewHR Consultant ServicePhnom Penh2017-07-20
19Ass OfficeNewHR Consultant ServicePhnom Penh2017-07-20
20Ass HRNewHR Consultant ServicePhnom Penh2017-07-20
21Ass AccountNewHR Consultant ServicePhnom Penh2017-07-20
22Sales Outdoor 300-600$ (C...NewAmerican Hudson WrrantyPhnom Penh2017-07-31
23Customer Service $200( in...NewEBM Co.,Ltd.Phnom Penh2017-06-30
24អ្នកលក់កាហ្វេរ​ (ម្តុុំផ្NewEBM Co.,Ltd.Phnom Penh2017-07-31
25Sales (លក់ដុំ) 200-300$ VNewEBM Co.,Ltd.Phnom Penh2017-07-31
26Operation Executive $300-...NewEBM Co.,Ltd.Phnom Penh2017-07-31
27Business Development Mana...NewEBM Co.,Ltd.Phnom Penh2017-07-31
28Sales and Marketing super...NewEBM Co.,Ltd.Phnom Penh2017-07-31
29Accountant $200-$300NewEBM Co.,Ltd.Phnom Penh2017-07-31
30Business Planning Coordin...NewEBM Co.,Ltd.Phnom Penh2017-07-31
31MBI Analsyt $500New2WORLD TRAVEL (CAMBODIA)Phnom Penh2017-07-31
32CookNewEBM Co., LTDPhnom Penh2017-07-17
33Sales Manager $1k-$1.5NewPANTOS Logistics (Cambodi...Phnom Penh2017-07-31
34Senior Accountant 300-500...NewEBM Co.,Ltd.Phnom Penh2017-07-31
35Marketing Officer $250-$3...NewEBM Co.,Ltd.Phnom Penh2017-07-31
36Business Development Exec...NewEBM Co.,Ltd.Phnom Penh2017-07-31
37Sales supervisor 400-600$NewEBM Co.,Ltd.Phnom Penh2017-07-31
38Senoir Sales IT $250-$350NewCCTI Asia Co,.ltdPhnom Penh2017-07-31
39Sales Representative$250-...NewAmerican Hudson WrrantyPhnom Penh2017-07-31
40Sales Representaive NewMFITPhnom Penh2017-07-31
41TellerNewHR Consultant ServicePhnom Penh2017-07-16
42Ass HRNewHR Consultant ServicePhnom Penh2017-07-15
43Ass OfficeNewHR Consultant ServicePhnom Penh2017-07-15
44Ass AccountNewHR Consultant ServicePhnom Penh2017-07-15
45Ass AdminNewHR Consultant ServicePhnom Penh2017-07-15
46Customer RetentionNewCogetel Ltd. (ONLINE)Phnom Penh2017-06-30
47Sales AdviserNewCogetel Ltd. (ONLINE)Phnom Penh2017-06-30
48OSP Implementation Engine...NewCogetel Ltd. (ONLINE)Phnom Penh2017-06-30
49Production SupervisorNewISI SteelPhnom Penh2017-07-15
50Production Plant ManagerNewISI SteelPhnom Penh2017-07-15